Italian Coffee Handcrafted From Quality Arabica Beans

Mazza Coffee Company, LLC offers ground and whole-bean coffee in a range of roast levels and a variety of blends. Whether you prefer light or dark, organic or nonorganic, we have the perfect brew for you!

We are a family-owned business—every member is passionate about coffee and has a hand in day-to-day operations. Our attention to detail is what distinguishes our business from other roasters.

We use only the finest quality Arabica beans sourced from all over the world. Our coffee is hand-roasted daily in small batches to ensure freshness, superior taste, and a delicious aroma. We aim to make our coffee the best you’ve ever had!

How We Started

Our founder Lou Mazza discovered the art of coffee roasting in 2004. He used various pieces of self-made roasting equipment at home. In 2007, Lou and his family took a trip to Italy, from where they had migrated. During their holiday, they observed the Italian way of roasting coffee.

By varying time and temperature ramp rates, he was able to determine the optimum way to achieve the best flavor and the smoothest texture—by roasting each coffee individually.

In 2008, Lou decided to take his passion to a professional level. He then started his own business, giving it the apt name of Mazza Coffee Company, LLC.

From our location in Mukilteo, WA, we proudly offer our products to customers nationwide. We also provide coffee services to businesses, offices, and more.

Training at Diedrich Roasters under the guidance of Stephen Diedrich and cupping with Craig Holt, of Atlas Coffee, provided Lou with the confidence to pursue his passion.

Our 10th anniversary trip to Costa Rica to meet with coffee growers and processors

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Experience the unique taste of hand-roasted coffee by Mazza Coffee Company, LLC! To find great locations that carry our products, reach out to us. You can also order online.